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Egyptian Adventure Overview


Exotic Egypt 
Including 4 nights down the Nile on our private Egyptian sailboat

February 6 – 21, 2023

15 Nights / 16 Days

$6,800 per person/double occupancy**

Limited 10-12 persons



The mystery of Egypt calls us from the pyramids of Giza and its ancient temples along the life-giving waters of the Nile.  More than 30 centuries of the incredible richness of the land of the Pharaohs awaits:  The sole surviving wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramids of Giza; the steppe pyramids of Saqqara; medieval Cairo; the masterpiece of the Temple of Karnak in Luxor; “The Gateway to the Afterlife” in the Valley of the Kings and Nobles; spectacular monuments of the Pharaoh Ramesses II at Abul Simbel; and local marketplaces which continue to thrive as they have for millennia.

We will explore by land, air and even by sail up the Nile.  We will see Egypt in ways that many do not as we sail the Nile in a traditional Dahabiya sailing boat leisurely experiencing rural Egypt as it has lived along the Nile for centuries.  Our boat will be powered only by the wind.  You will only hear the sound of the breeze through the sail, the water breaking over the bow and the call of life along the river.  We will have plenty of time to stop explore ancient temples and traditional marketplaces.   At the end of each day of exploration we will return to our luxury accommodations on our sail boat or resort to relax, enjoy fine dining and share our stories.

Our Egypt experience will be unique:  We will be the only guests on our Dahabiya sailing boat with a hospitable, professional crew.  Our English speaking professional Egyptologist will explain the history and meaning of all sites visited.  Experienced personal escorts will assist with all the details of the trip and its transitions. 


Giza & Cairo – Ancient Sites & Arabian Nights

We will begin our adventure exploring the great pyramids of Giza and the watchful Sphinx, the single remaining Wonder of the Ancient World.  Our pyramid exploration will continue to even more funerary monuments of the Old Kingdom at the great necropolis of Dahshur and Saqqara. Unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt at the Grand Egyptian Museum, home to the finest collection in the world of ancient Egyptian masterpieces. Our private Egyptologist guide will take us on a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery around the Museum. Don’t forget to search out artifacts from areas that we visited earlier in our journey.   

Luxor:  In ancient times, Luxor was known as “The City of a Hundred Gates.”  Located at the south of Upper Kingdom of Egypt, Luxor was part of the ancient city of Thebes.  It was very important in the Old Kingdom, and was the capital of Egypt in the New Kingdom.  Today it is considered to be the earth’s greatest open-air museum covering 161 square miles including some of the most majestic temples of ancient times 

Luxor is divided by the great River Nile.  On the west bank where the sun sets lie the necropolis of Thebes the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens and Nobles, the Colossi of Memnon and other outstanding antiquities.  On the east bank alongside towering monuments at Karnak and other temples is a bustling city teaming with markets, restaurants and vitality.


 The Nile by Dahabiya, a reimagined classic for golden-age travel on the Nile

This is a traditional classic – leisurely sail up the Nile, a scenic and leisurely way to watch Nile villagers go about their lives with their animals and crops next to artifacts of a time almost forgotten.  This cruise on a traditional Dahabiya sailing boat is an exclusive opportunity to take our time and stop at sites others don’t see.  We can moor almost anywhere and experience untouched, rural Egypt at its best.

Abu Simbel

In the southern most position along Egypt’s River Nile, towers a stunning temple complex originally cut into a solid rock cliff more than 3500 years ago.  The Great Temple stands 98 feet high and 115 feet long with four seated colossus flanking the entrance.  The temples are dedicated to the



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