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"When I travel outside of the United States, I always tour with Timbuktu.  They do their research, are well informed and highly organized with each trip we take.  It's a joy to travel with them."  S.B.  Italy, Bali, Kenya

"We thoroughly enjoyed our Italy trip which we both rate as our best travel experience to date; and as experienced travelers this is no small compliment."  J.P., Italy


“I have traveled for 30 years and Barbara’s trip was the most memorable.  
We made life-long friends because of her dedications to our comfort and ease of travel.  We were never rushed and had leisure time to savor the places.  It was a very special time in my life.” M.H., Turkey

“Because of Barbara’s “behind-the scenes” attending to details,

we all had the time of our life.”  D.B., Turkey & Africa


“The trip changed my life!  I will never be the same.  

Where are we going next?”  A.C., Greece & Turkey

“The trips were the best experiences of my life.  I would tell anyone…. just do it! ”J.M., Bali & Turkey

"There are lots of tours and trips….

Barbara & Will have their entire hearts and souls in travel…

in finding those special experiences that will make yours grow.”
 J.C., Africa


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