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The Best of Turkey

The Best of Turkey

 Including a week on a luxury yacht sailing the Mediterranean Coast

Dates:  May 9 - 27, 2024

Private 5 star Luxury Yacht

Turkey is a top destination for gulet charters (Turkish yachts) due to its extensive coastline, clear waters, and countless bays and coves to explore. The country also has a rich cultural and historical heritage, providing ample opportunities to visit ancient ruins and immerse oneself in Turkish culture. In addition, the warm hospitality of the Turkish people and delicious cuisine make for an unforgettable experience.



Rich and vibrant, this world capital is the only city which straddles two continents. Istanbul has been a world capital for centuries:  Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman.  From our hotel, in the walled city of the Sultanahmet, enjoy short walks to the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, shopping in the Grand Bazaar and the famous Spice Market.  Savor the world famous cuisine of Turkey and be enriched by the history and culture of this wondrous city.



Exceptional natural wonders and a unique cultural history of Cappadocia are nestled on the high Anatolian Plain and anchored by volcanic peaks.  From our relaxing "home" in a luxurious "cave hotel," we will travel back thousands of years exploring ancient settlements in fairy rock chimneys, Byzantine cave monasteries and underground cities. Visit local villages, shop central Turkey's carpet shops, spice markets and take an optional hot air balloon to experience this magical land from above.



Marble streets lined with ancient sculptures wind their way down the main thoroughfare to the Library of Celsus and beyond to the outdoor theater believed to be the largest in the ancient world and still used for concerts. Ephesus is one of the seven cities mentioned in the Book of Revelations, home of Paul the Apostle and an important center for early Christianity. This city still echoes its mystery and majesty.  A short drive to hills above Ephesus will transport us to the home of Mary where the serenity and simplicity of the home will resonate and remain with you.


Dates:  May 9 - 27, 2024

 Appx. Cost: $7,800 per person, dbl. occ. 

Please contact us with your interest.

We look forward to traveling with you to

Incredible Turkey!


Travels that will change your soul.....

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